some ideas...

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some ideas...

Beitrag von jim1983 » Fr 7. Dez 2018, 20:55

Hi all
Sorry that i write this in english but i dont speak well the german language.
I would like to make some suggestions for the server to become more friendly to new-and old-players, also,since i haven't any knowledge about coding etc , i dont know if my ideas can be done or not.
so here are my ideas :lol:

1)if can be an npc in towns that sells scrolls ,potions and food.That would help many new players to buy all they need with ingame currency,since not many have time or courage to lvl up crafting,gathering,aethertaping etc.

2)also an npc in towns that gives 2 cleric buffs(i think that npc exist also in official but not sure in which patch it was implemented)

3)increased xp rate...i know that xp rate is already good enough but it would be more appealing for new ppl to join if they lvl faster

4)an english language option on site-forum i believe it would help also

ty for reading and any feedback is welcome
ingame name Mako,Maco